Friday, March 25, 2005

God's Will

"Paul an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God!" Col.1:1
Wow! That's a statement all by itself! Paul was doing what he was doing , because it was God's will. Paul had found out what the will of God was for his life and he had yielded to it , and was doing it! Paul didn't havean easy life! All that hunger, travel by foot or donkey, ship-wreck, persecution, but, he said "Count it all joy my brethren ( or sisters)". He said, I do it all for the cross of Christ, that I may know Him. Paul was quite a guy- yes, but I am a woman. Here's you and me - women- yet, there is a verse- "There is now neither male nor female". In Christ, Jesus looks at us women on the same level as men!! Hallelujah! Shout for joy, women! Jesus loves you as much as He does Paul. Go ahead - Do a jig! Going back to the verse Col.1:1- are you doing God's will? Are you following what God wants for you? Sure, service is not salvation, but we do show Him how much we love Him by doing something good for someone. What about a cup of water in Jesus Name? What about bronies for that obnoxious neighbour, or prayer for the Tsunami victims or $$? What about prayer for the poor girls caught in child slavery or again $$ If you are a working Woman or an at home mother, God wants to use you! If you are in a wheelchair, God can still use you to phone someone and say " I"ve been thinking about you! You've been on my heart lately!" Come on Ladies, let's get busy doing what God's will is for each of us! Then, we'll count it all joy, cuz we're doing it in HIS NAME! Remember the song" When will the world see that we love Jesus".

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