Friday, July 01, 2005

Source of Life

Looking up into the bare trees one winter day wlile lying in the snow, I started to think of those trees, wondering how the tips of the branches way on top could stay living, looking vibrant and alive.
In my ponderings I realized that the source of nourishment didn't lye in any of the branches, but way, way down in the roots. The roots would soak up the water and gain nourishment from the earth and thewn send life up through the sap.
I started to think of the tree planted by the river of water, in the Bible and how Jesus showed us that we need to stay attached to the tree in order to get life. We, like branches, need to stay attached to the source of Life or we begin to die.
The branches on our yard that are dying , we throw on the burn pile. Our source of Life , as Christians, is in Jesus, and we need to stay attached firmly in Him.
Basically we are nothing without Him, but in Jesus, we blossom or bloom, become big branches or little branches, whatever He has for us.
He is our Life, our source of strength, our hope, and if we are attached to Jesus, we shall see Him someday and be with Him eternally. Jan/'99

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