Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Poem: I'll never leave you

I'm happy, Lord-
We're having good times
I'm on top of the world-
everything fine
Everyone speaks well of me
I'm a great Christian
I've got wisdom and knowledge
they respect me , Lord
I'm bright and joyful-
they think I'm perfect
Got it made, they say
about me!

I'm sad, Lord-
no one calls
I've been down-
I need a friend
I don't have it together
kind of messed up
Now, I'm not useful
not perfect anymore
They thought I had wisdom-
now I need a wise friend
Cuz, I'm down, Lord-
it's true, but...
Are you still here with me?

"I have promised to never leave you or forsake you!""cross my heart"

Every Wise Woman Buildeth

"Every wise woman buildeth her house, but the foolish plucketh it down with her own hands"
Prov. 14:1

Ladies ,I am not a carpenter, but I've got a carpenter husband who builds gorgeous houses. We are in the middle of a major house renovation that will dazzle your eyes. I am really looking forward to see the finished product.
So, let's say we are at that point. The house is completed. It's done exactly according to the architectural drawing and I have a new kitchen, my china tea cups are in the glass china cabinet, I've got my antique pieces collected and above the piano is my favorite Monet picture of the woman in white sitting at the piano. All is perfect. The man did his job right! The man builded his house!
Here I am-the woman! "Honey, you forgot the Lazy Susan I wanted, and I really didn't want the countertop in that shade! Didn't you remember that the island needed curved corners so that the kids don't bump themselves? And besides that , I wanted a mirror in the bathroom so that I could see myself from all angles!"
The woman has begun! But, has she begun to build or to pluck down? Maybe she's been plucking down her house her whole life! It doesn't matter if you have a mansion or a delapidated old house- you can be a builder or a plucker!
Mom and I used to pluck chickens. The feathers don't come out instantly when you do it by hand. It takes a bit of time. Plucking down your house takes time, but with each nag, or negative spirit, or yell at the kids ( in anger ), the beauty of thew home disappears. We do need to get after our kids! Of course! We can't let them run loose like a wild horse! They need the rod of correction , but not the whip of anger!
The wise woman-Wisdom! The Bible seems to talk alot about Wisdom! Wisdom builds on the Rock. The house built on the Rock of Jesus. Yet, the Christian woman struggles with her tongue. We STRUGGLE with ou tongue!! "The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright".
Even we as Christian women lack knowledge, lack wisdom. It seems we go along OK, until BANG , something goes wrong, highly gets on our nerves, doesn't go our way, or someone says something negative about MY CHILD-- then the foolish woman, which has been me at times, yells at her husband about that horrible person who dared to say a negative thing about MY CHILD!!
There's the foolish woman bringing destruction, upsetness, sadness, etc. to her house.
The man has done all he can with materials from everywhere, to make an eyecatching, eyepleasing home- and the woman tears it down.
Sometimes, a whole day of going around the house, singing "Keep my tongue from evil, keep my tongue"- wouldn't be a bad idea!!
But, we can't do it, unless we have the "WANT TO" and the asking of Jesus or pleading HELP, HELP!
If you want to be a Builder and not a Plucker, and you determine to change, and work on it, plus praying for help and even fasting for that reason, God will honor that and help you and me!
Remember also, when you fail, confess it, then praise God for giving you another chance!

Christmas Poem: Who is Jesus?

It's Christmastime once again
A time of joy and not of pain
We celebrate, exchange our gifts
Expect to have some big snowdrifts
We go to church, this once a year
Set aside Al Qaeda fears
Bow our knee to Christ the King
Silent Night to Him we sing

But do we really understand
The secrets of the angel band
How Christ has lived eternally
How He shall come back finally
How Jesus died so we can be
Set free from carnality
Free from sin and Satan's rule
No more his pawn, no more his tool

And yet there's more to comprehend
So to this Christ our knee we'll bend
Repent, be baptized in His name
You'll never, ever be the same
Receive His spirit, speak in tongues
Joy will bubble from your lungs
Merry Christmas, one and all
May joyful Mem'ries you recall!