Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Christmas Poem: Who is Jesus?

It's Christmastime once again
A time of joy and not of pain
We celebrate, exchange our gifts
Expect to have some big snowdrifts
We go to church, this once a year
Set aside Al Qaeda fears
Bow our knee to Christ the King
Silent Night to Him we sing

But do we really understand
The secrets of the angel band
How Christ has lived eternally
How He shall come back finally
How Jesus died so we can be
Set free from carnality
Free from sin and Satan's rule
No more his pawn, no more his tool

And yet there's more to comprehend
So to this Christ our knee we'll bend
Repent, be baptized in His name
You'll never, ever be the same
Receive His spirit, speak in tongues
Joy will bubble from your lungs
Merry Christmas, one and all
May joyful Mem'ries you recall!

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