Monday, January 09, 2006

Healthy eating for 2006

One thing that I love and is very healthy is a salad with a million items in it . Some grocery stores offer a ready made mix, but if you have a large family,you will need a large salad. Buying your greens separately is often more economical. Look around in the salad section and let yourself try something new. Add some green onion or some spanish onion. Bok Choy is yummy, and so is fresh spinach. You can even add some slivered or sliced almonds. A light dressing of equal part olive oil and lemon juice with garlic powder and chickweed will not leave you with a stuffed feeling. (chickweed is an herb bought in a health food store- you open a capsule and add only the contents to your dressing) . I always put these ingredients in a jar, close tightly, and shake well. Store in the fridge. Shake again before each use.
Carbs are important, but cutting down on those starches and sugars may be a good thing for you.
My Mom always told me " No second helpings". That way I can even eat chocolate.

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