Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Poem: Lord, Help me to feel

Lord, fill me with compassion
The kind that You would show
That draws all men to Jesus
With desire Him to know

Lord, help me be just like You
To meet the daily need
When others share their burdens
That to Your Word I'll lead

Lord, help me draw all people
To look upon your Face
Instead of on their problems
Which hinder in the race

Lord, we are Salt and Light here
Amid a cruel world
The only Hope is Jesus
On Him our lives are hurled

Poem: Praise - When?

When things go right
And the way is easy
Praising the Lord
Sure comes easy

When things go wrong
We pout and frown
We sure let others
Know we're down

Is this the route
That God has planned
Our moods always changing
Like the shifting sand

His Word gives advice
Along another line
To give thanks in everything
And in His Presence dine

Poem: Praise the lord

When all your days look black and blue
Look up to see the sky's bright hue
Just praise the Lord, each day anew
He'll never change, He's always True

Look all around you, then you'll see
The many Blessings bestowed on thee
And ne'er forget who set you free
Who holds to death and life the Key

The Lord above, beneath , around
Is waiting to be sought and found
So, bend your heart, tune in the sound
Of Him in whom love does abound

Poem: Friendship

Friendship is a treasure
That money cannot buy
An inner strong devotion
Unseen by mortal Eye
You feel it with your spirit
This closeness between two
A freshness like the Springtime
As pure as morning Dew

Poem:The Future

The future is a place unknown
Untrodden by Men's feet
A time, we all will face someday
On Vict'ry or defeat

We look at things around us
The world and all its Woes
Temptations come at every turn
And plenty are our Foes

But, is there not a power there
With which to conquer trials
Is there some help? Is there some Hope?
A Signpost along Life's miles?

Oh, Yes! Praise God! Rejoice, Be glad!
In Christ, you can be Free
Through Death, He conquered all the pow'r
Of death, our enemy

Oh, death, wherein is now thy Sting
And Grave, thy Victory?

Poem: God Knows

getting stronger
getting darker
before it is evening
What's that?
That movement up there?
In the sky?
louder, louder
faster, faster
Trees, fences
flying around
Houses, barns
flying through the air
Ripped, broken

Lord, you see all this
You know what's happening, Lord

We shall still
Trust and Obey
And Tornadoes
Of our Physical
And Spiritual

Poem: Life's Goal

Living to Love Jesus
Living to praise His name
Striving to serve Him better
To follow in His way

Leaning on my Savior
Abiding in His love
From His arms receiving
Blessings from above

Yes, this is what my Goal is
That Christ shall have my All
Yet, not through my own Power
But, in His strength to stay

Poem: Burden- Free

When the world seems set against you
Talk to God, He'll listen
When your troubles grow into Mountains
Think of others who have needs
When self-pity overtakes every corner
of your mind
Praise the Blessed name of Jesus
Go and help a lonely Brother

Every problem seems to grow
Completely out of shape and proportion
If you dwell on it continually
Thinking you suffer more than others
Didn't Christ bear shame and misery?
Didn't God, His father forsake Him?

Look to Jesus , the example
Place your cares in His right Hand
Now, leave them there and go on living
Walk along His Holy way
Seeking not that God would Bless you
Instead that Others are Blessed
through YOU!

Poem: Thorn in the flesh (on being shy)

Silence can be a virtue
But , you must remember
For everything there is
a season
Being shy, or rather, quiet
can be a curse
Communication between
two strangers
can bring them into
a close relationship
Those that I most want
for friends
Find me unapproachable
because of
The silence barrier
Oh, to cross that Bridge
Why, fight your way over
If I could only get over it
with eaze!

Poem: Hope Beyond Despair

Will I ever be the same
As I was yesterday
So carefree, full of fun andlove
for Life wherever it leads?

Will I once again pursue
A goal which is in sight
Or gain a pleasure just to sit
And talk to friends I meet?

Will my spirit gain new heights
that will be fun to climb
Or will I allow my soul to drag
Beneath the dust and mud?

There's Hope that's dawning over there
A peace that's mine to have
A new assurance that God's best
Is working itself in me.

For all the gloomy days ahead
God has a plan in store
To chasten me and help me grow
Maturity to reach.

I may not get to be perfect
in this flesh here below
But, someday soon He will be back
And receive me up to His Home.