Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Poem: Hope Beyond Despair

Will I ever be the same
As I was yesterday
So carefree, full of fun andlove
for Life wherever it leads?

Will I once again pursue
A goal which is in sight
Or gain a pleasure just to sit
And talk to friends I meet?

Will my spirit gain new heights
that will be fun to climb
Or will I allow my soul to drag
Beneath the dust and mud?

There's Hope that's dawning over there
A peace that's mine to have
A new assurance that God's best
Is working itself in me.

For all the gloomy days ahead
God has a plan in store
To chasten me and help me grow
Maturity to reach.

I may not get to be perfect
in this flesh here below
But, someday soon He will be back
And receive me up to His Home.

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