Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Poem: The Rend

The rend was made upon the cloth
Ruined, they said, by a tiny moth
Who ate his way between the thread
Not knowing it would bring me dread

I went to take it off its hook
And after I took one swift look
Behold the rend in my dear dress
It brought a tear, I must confess.

And now what shall be done with this
Once perfect dress, but now amiss
It can't be worn, it can't be shown
Since from the heavens, a moth has flown.

I'll cut it up, I'll shape it new
I'll tint it to a royal blue
My favorite color that once was
A cheery plan, Great good me does.

In this same way, I'll try to live
To take the rends life does me give
And look at them a different way
In faith to shape a bright new Day!

Poem: Time

Time is passing
Without our asking
Soon it will be...

Tomorrow has come
And what have we done
For soon it again will be...

Today, I've been given
To use while I'm livin'
To waste or to use until...