Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wash the Cup

The Word of God says, "Be ye holy, even as I am Holy". God is Holy! Above all and foremost, He is Holy! God has many attributes - great ones for us to follow, like Be merciful , Blessed are the meek, Blessed are the pure in heart, Blessed are the peacemakers (Mt.5), and then there are the Fruits of the spirit, which are love , joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance. (Galatians 5) These all relate to Holiness- an inside type of Holiness, which we are to copy. Things which people cannot actually physically touch, but that they can feel. Others are affected in a positive way when Christians act out god's Holiness - when we try to clean up our lives inside.
Outward Holiness, which shows immediately, to others, is also great. It's good..its important! The Word talks about christians being an example to the believers and about being separate, not conforming to the world, not encouraging the lust of the eye in others by our clothing, or lack of clothing, presenting our bodies a living sacrifice (Romans 12) holy, acceptable unto God. We are to be set apart. We are to look different on the outside, than unbelievers. Holiness, must show on the outside. Holiness must affect what we buy , which others will view on our bodies. Holiness must say ," I will cover up my nakedness in public". God covered Adam and Eve, to cover their shame. Shame should exist in a Christian concerning outward modesty.
Actually, outward modesty isn't that hard. If it is hard to you, there's something much harder - it's inward Holiness - it's yielding to the abiding presence of the Holy spirit, so that the fruits of the Spirit can manifest themselves. It's a daily or hourly learning to know who God is and what He doesn't like that is presently inside of you. We read in the word of God examples of what God doesn't like..even HATES...envy, jealousy, gossip, maliciousness, slander, hatred, pride, haughtiness "I,m better than thou", greed, not caring to help the widows, the orphans, or the poor, lusting for your neighbour's things or lusting after their spouse, a pornographical spirit, arguing, debating to make contentions, etc. There's much we can read in the Bible which shows us the right thing to do. Then, the Spirit can bring it to our attention, daily, hourly.
As we get to know God - whose name is Jesus - and abide in the Spirit - which is the Spirit of God - we will be more sensitive to what is Holy and what is not Holy inside of us. We must be careful not to quench the Spirit as then soon, the sensitivity will grow dull.
Holiness - Be Ye holy, even as I am Holy - Both an inward and an outward concept. God wants us to be Holy, demands it of us, commands us to be Holy. Why? Because He really does love us and because we are to be an example of true Christianity.
Jesus is coming - Be Holy - It'll be worth it all in the end!


I wanted to share an article I found on depression, but it's written by someone else, so it would be plagerism to copy her article. So, I will tell you where I found it and you can look it up. Then I did make up a questionarre for you to use to evaluate your life. "Women and Depression" is written by Lisa James and was published in ENERGY TIMES magazine in April 2004.

Your Personal Questionarre
These are questions to personally know yourself first, to eliminate possible reasons for anxiety, unhappiness and depression.

1. What things make you happy?

2. What would it take to make you happy?

3. What things have you waited for, for a long time?

4.Have you had any recent catastrophies?
In the last year?
In the last 2 years?
In the last 5 years?

5. Are you on any medicines?
If so, what are the side effects?

6.Do you have a major sickness or illness?

7.Are there members of your family who have been or are very ill?
If so, are you taking care of them?

8.Do you have financial problems?

9.Are you taking herbs or vitamins?
For what reason are they?

10.Do you believe in Jesus or are you of a different faith?

11.How old are you?

12. Do you have children?

13.What is your job?

14.Are you going through menopause or do you have menstrual disorder?

15.How is your relationship with your husband, your parents, your children?

16.Do you sleep late?

17.What is the pattern of your daily activity?

18.Has the Lord ever told you to do something, that you have not done, but have avoided or dismissed?

19.Was there a career or educational opportunity that you feel you missed out on?

20.Have you been abused by anyone,physically, sexually or mentally?

21.Are you satisfied with the church where you go?

22.Are you at odds with any believer?

23.Are you submissive to your husband? And is he basically loving to you?

24.When was the last time you went on vacation?

25.When was the last time you went on a date? ( with your husband if married or with a guy if you're single) and...Did the date go well?
If you as a woman are dating another woman, then according to the word of God, this practise needs to stop. God loves you and sent His son to die on the cross for you, but if you want to follow Christ, then Homosexual relationships must stop.

26.Are you having a good night's sleep?

27.Do you have a balanced diet, and is it appropriate for your age?

28.Do you have a close friend with whom you can share?

29.Do you have a hobby?

30.How do you feel about your appearance?

31.Do you feel that you are ready to face eternity when you die?

That's all I wrote, except for a page I tore out from my children's school. The young man says, "I want real joy in my life. How do I have it?" The answer is J= Jesus , O= others, Y= you.
Jesus... Do you belong to Him? Is He Lord of your life? Others... serving them and meeting their needs, which sometimes is only a listening ear. last, but not left out. You must take care of your body, soul, mind and spirit.

False (Women) Teachers

I have been on the internet alot lately, looking up sites of various teachers of religion. Not only Pentecostal, which I am, but others of other denominations. Fascinating - absolutely fascinating to see, and hear, the variety of speakers.... and thats only the women speakers out there! So many .... and so many views... views about scripture...views about the word of God!
Now, I am not the Judge of those speakers. I am not perfect! I am not the one to say "This one's right' "That one is not right"! BUT, I do have a Father who has given us His Word by which we can base what we hear!
All those speakers would say "I am a Christian"! I'm not saying that they are not, or that they never had an experience with Jesus... BUT, sometimes as we follow along, we hear the beck and call of other voices and at first, we don't listen - No Way! Yet, those voices are subtle.. "Just listen to this interpretation! Not bad is it?" And you think "No, that sounds pretty good!" Whose voice is speaking to you?
I am not a speaker - yet! I am an internet voice, but I am one trying to influence women! So, I must be careful! We must all take what is said to us , back to the Word of God. " Rightly dividing the Word of Truth." You've heard it said - Speak the truth and nothing but the truth. The Bible is that truth. God does not contain Truth. GOD IS TRUTH! HE IS!!! Daily we miss out on perfection. Daily we must come to God to confess - but, are the speakers you're listening to, coming before the throne of grace, and finding Grace and Forgiveness in the time of need? How about Humility? Do they show a humble spirit?
Now, I could say to you, that Billy Graham is a great, humble man to listen to. Of course he is not a woman, so lets talk about his wife Ruth! Humble - not haughty. Are you listening to haughty teachers?
How are they spending the money sent to them? What kind of a house do they live in ? Are they helping the poor?
I was laying awake a few nights ago, being bothered by this theme! Ladies, ladies, Satan wants us to rise up and be women of this world... women who don't have to listen to their husbands.. women who will step on others' toes to get what they want...because after all.."I deserve it!!" What was that song -"I AM WOMAN!" So what! You are a woman because God and DNA made you a woman! Presto! You have no rights, but what God allows in His Word! The best definition of God's type of woman is in Proverbs it all! and other places talk about a meek, humble woman!
Are you thinking that God means woman to be trampled on? No way! God has plenty to say about man! God loves YOU! God loves woman and created her! Let me interject a word here... Do people say you're ugly? God doesn't say that! He says you're beautiful and He loves you so much. He wants to spend eternity with you in heaven!
Are the women you're listening to - in meetings, on T.V., on cable, on the Web, or at church - are they trying to be the Proverbs 31 lady? Are they preaching truth or are they slowly, slowly leading you away from the God who is Truth, the One whose name is Jesus!
Beware of the voices you follow! You are too precious to lose to deception! Eternity is up ahead...just around the corner!
Let's go Back to the Bible..Back to Prayer!Jesus said "I came to bring you Life, and that more abundantly".