Thursday, November 26, 2009

God IS !!!

God IS !! God IS what? God IS alot of things in scripture. Let's find some of
First off, we will remember that Jesus is God, so , whenever it says Jesus IS or God IS, the scripture is talking about ONE and the same!
I John 4:8 God IS love
I John 3:7 God IS righteous
I John 3:3 God IS pure
John 14:6 Jesus IS the Way
Jesus Is the Truth
Jesus IS the Life
Revelation 1:8 Jesus IS the Alpha
Jesus IS the Omega
Jesus IS the Almighty
Revelation 1:17 Jesus IS the First
Jesus IS the Last
Jesus IS the Living One
Jesus IS the Resurrection
John 6:48 Jesus IS the Bread of Life
I John 1:5 God IS Light
John 4:24 God IS Spirit
John 11:25 Jesus IS the Resurrection
Jesus IS the Life
John 11: 26 has a good question..."Do YOU believe this?"
You see...God IS the total totality of these things, not just half or three quarter, but 100% of each of these, plus many more attributes than those listed.
God IS !! He IS the totality of the verb "IS" and He IS the totality of these nouns. THAT boggles my mind and stirs m heart to say "Praise the Lord ! Thankyou Jesus!!!"