Monday, November 29, 2010

Was Vashti right?

What would you do if your living room was filled with men, who had been drinking for 7 days, and your husband, who is one of them, calls for you to spruce yourself up and come into the living room to show the men how beautiful you are? I would climb out my bedroom window and escape!
So, what if you are the type who WOULD go and show yourself off -- prance in, do a little hip-swaying, and a little eye-winking! What do you think would happen after the show? I would say that you have a heart problem...a lust- seeking heart.
Vashti, in the book of Esther,, was the Queen! Her husband was King over all the land from India to Ethiopia. Look on a map. Yhat's huge! Can you imagine the perfumes, the clothes, the jewelery, the furniture you would have as a Queen? Plus all the servants to do your hair, manicures, pedicures...even taking care of your children's diaper changes!
Esther 1:10 says " on the 7th day, when the heart of the King was merry with wine...he bring Vashti the Queen before the King with the Royal crown, to show the people and the Princes her beauty, for she was fair to look upon." But, the Queen refused!
I don't think this chapter is a mere chapter about submission. I think it's also on doing what is right in a tough situation.
Vashti had alot to lose by doing what is right, and she did lose her royalty. "Let the King give her royal estate to another who is better than she."
Are you willing to do what's right, no matter what it costs you? God has given us a Book, the Bible, to show us what's right. right, isn't always easy, but there are blessings in it!

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