Monday, November 29, 2010

The Witch's Brew!

I am stirring up a recipe. I will tell you the name of it later! Now, here are the ingredients!
First, into my recipe, I'll put in GOSSIP! There, into the big black kettle. Next, I'll put in ENVY!. How about a bit of PRIDE Oh, and we've got to have 6 cups of UNFORGIVENESS That's a major ingredient! Then, we have a pinch of BACKBITING Woa, that pinch will go far, to give my recipe spice!!! Oh yes, we must have DIRTY JOKES! Yes, yes, I almost forgot JEALOUSY !! Never could I forget that one in my recipe. Oh, yes, and ARGUING OVER NOTHING!! That aught to do the trick. And last of all FINGER-POINTING. After wasn't MY fault. I didn't do it. Oh, I see it bubbling as I keep stirring it all around. Its bubbling so wonderfully! Ha ha ha ha ha !! The name of the recipe? It's called "STRIFE". STRIFE ha ha ha ha ha and its a perfect recipe to ruin your family or your church and to ruin YOU !! ha ha ha ha ha. What is that sound I hear? (JESUS JESUS) What are they yelling? (JESUS JESUS) NO NO NO...I HATE that name! (JESUS JESUS)Stop yelling that name! I can't stand that NAME! I can't stick around when you call that NAME! My recipe is failing................nnoooooooooooooooo! I am DOOMED! Goodbyeeeee! AHHHHHHH
written after reading I Timothy 6: 3- 5.

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