Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Abandonment to Thankfulness

What if we were thankful in everything? How could we do ask? But, truly, what if we practised thankfulness? An abandonment to thankfulness! What if when things went blew a are sick...our son hit a baseball through the neighbour's front window...our spouse yelled at us...the frost ruined our garden...a friend gossiped about us , telling lies about us to another , etc. I know we all have feelings. I didn't say, "what if we never cried or were sad"! But , what if we had , through our sorrows, an attitude that I will give thanks to God "in" and "during" and "in spite of" what is happening to me, even though I still have tears! There is a verse in the Bible along that line. "In everything give thanks". So, it says "IN". In the bad times...during the bad times. Exactly at that time. "EVERYTHING". So, we are to give thanks in everything, all exception! Next word..."GIVE". So, we are to give, to bestow upon someone something. To give to another something that belongs to us and that we want them to have. Give what? "Thanks" ! So, I am not expected to give a million dollars! I am only expected to give thanks! That doesn't sound so hard! Until the bad times come! Then, it becomes hard! But, is there not a heavenly Father who will help us? Alone, without the Father's help, I gurantee that you will utterly fail. So, I ask...Is there not a helper in time of need? If we believe that the Bible is true, then we need to say that "In everything give thanks" is true and that "I, ME, and MYSELF" need to practise this verse...with the Father's help! I chose to Abandon myself to God's grace.