Friday, May 11, 2012

Don't Fudge it

In the old days, we would say, "You gonna fudge it?". That meant " Are you going to try to get around the issue, or are you going to change the homework or your timecard or your recipe, so that you can get away with something. Some things can be "fudged". You can buy honey with added water that's a cheap price and then make it through life. You can buy storebought fruit and veggies instead of garden organic grown, and still make it through life and have a happy life. You can buy cheap windows that look good and sound good when sold to you by that dealer, and then later have some draft coming in , or pay a higher price for heating than if you had bought a more expensive brand of window. Still you can make it through life and have a happy life. You can do some "Fudging" on some things in life and still go through life fairly happy. CANNOT "Fudge" on eternity. You cannot change the BOOK (meaning the Bible) and write your own plan ! God has set it up His Way for our own good. He has not set up His plan of salvation (as in Acts 2:38) to damage us or control us or to kill our life and make us unhappy! He has done it for our own good because He loves us. You cannot change His Word and make it to heaven. You cannot wash away your sin with any other plan but His! And if you think He is selfish and controlling, think again. "Can the vessel tell the potter how to shape the vessel?" . I hear things these days that are astounding to me! "I am good enough". "I am going to be all right!" You are not going to be all right without Jesus! You cannot get around it, "fudge it" and get to heaven your way. You may be all, right for now! It may seem like you got it together, but honey, Jesus said "I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. NO man come to the Father but by Me" (and NO woman either). People have so much pride! And all the time, there is a Heavenly Father who loves you so very much and is waiting to shower you with His love and His blessings and make you a child Of God and a joint-heir with Christ. He wants to make you like a first-born who inherits all that the Father has!
Don't "fudge it" with your soul and your eternity. Please give your life to Jesus, now. You won't regret it!