Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hannah...A Great Woman of God

I got distracted while reading Ezekiel today, and looked up a reference in 1 Samuel 2. Then I got further distracted, and just had to read about this great woman...Hannah. How absolutely incredible she was ! First she has to endure the tauntings of the other wife...year after year ! Hannah had no children, but the other wife did! The other wife was also jealous because Elkanah, the husband , loved Hannah better than her. So, at the yearly trip to the temple, Hannah makes a vow. "If you will give me a baby boy, Lord, I will give him back to you." Wow! Could I do that? It definitely would be hard. So, she gets pregnant, gives birth to a baby boy. The child gets weaned and then Hannah takes the boy (probably at age 5), back to the temple to live with the priest. What a heart break most women would feel to do such a thing. And besides that, Eli's house was not really holy. It says that his sons were sons of Belial or the devil. So, the boy grows up in an unholy household. Hannah comes each year with a new coat for her son. Then Eli prays a blessing on her and she has 3 more sons and 2 daughters. She was blessed for her obedience to the Lord. Who is the son? Samuel ! He becomes one of the greatest prophets that ever lived ! Who knows what will happen when you and I trust the Lord God completely ...and do not lean on our own understanding! Who knows what great things will happen in the kingdom of God. It's high time ladies, that we stop living in our fears, and throw ourselves into the arms of our Saviour and say, "Here I am Lord ! Take me and do with me YOUR will, and help me trust you always."