Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Marriage Bed undefiled vs Pre-Marriage Bed defiled

The scriptures of God say that marriage between a man and a woman , is God's design. He has a lot to say about fornication and adultery, which are major sins, disallowing you from inheriting the Kingdom of God. Revelation 21:8. Paul talks about these sins entering the church. People say we are living in a modern world and "times have changed" ! God and His Word have NOT changed. Do we really want to inherit the Kingdom of God? Do we really want to go to Heaven? Then we must live by God's laws and not question His decisions. His way is not a way to thwart us from a joyful life, but a way to keep us pure and undefiled and frankly...even to keep our physical bodies from getting Sexually Transmitted Diseases. I can understand the people of the world , who are not Born Again, doing as they please, because their minds and hearts have not been renewed by the Holy Spirit, but the Born Again Believer must live above his carnal desires, must live to please the Lord and not himself, and must live above reproach to those around them,who are watching, viewing them. But, as I was told, "He is so nice and he cares for me and is helping me!" So you throw away your relationship with Jesus, allowing an ungodly man to move in with you..."shacking up" ! That is idolatry as well, because you then have placed a man above Jesus! You say, "He has been a family friend all our life"! What other excuses do you have to excuse your sin? Will your excuses fly when you stand before the Lord? Will you have a white garment or a stained one? You may say that your sins have been washed away by Christ's blood. Paul said (by the Holy Spirit) "Shall we sin that Grace may abound? " God forbid ! My prayer is that you may come out of this delusion before it is too late!

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