Wednesday, July 30, 2014

You have been in this rut LONG ENOUGH

Deutoronomy 1: 6 says...The Lord our God spoke to us in Horeb.." You have dwelt LONG ENOUGH in this mount" !!! Then in Deut 2:3 it says..."You have compassed this mountain LONG ENOUGH. ". Now it doesn't call it a rut, but to me it said "Change something! You have been doing the same old thing LONG ENOUGH !" Doing the same old thing often leads to boredom, apathy and a lack of zeal for life or even for the things of the Lord ! So, today I had a really neat talk with a lady while I was shopping. I actually reached out ! Wow ! And it made me do a lot of thinking. And how she reacted (in a good way) stirred me up ! So, ladies let's get OUT of our ruts, that sometimes we ourselves have created, and stop going round and round the mountain...and stop "dwelling"in the mountain ! there!

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