Saturday, September 06, 2014


Who am I talking about? the Bible. He was at Kadesh Barnea the first time when the 12 went into C
anaan to spy out the land. In fact, he and Joshua were 2 of the 12 who went in to spy! Them 2 came back with a good report. They said the land could be taken. They had faith. The other 10 did say that the land was good but they built up fear in the children of Israel. So everybody wandered about in the wilderness, until all those who had feared, were dead ! Now 45 years later, Caleb said, "I want that mountain that Moses promised me, and I am fit, so I have faith that God will help me take it!" 45 YEARS LATER ! Do I, Do you , have faith in what God has promised us ! Do we give up or do we keep believing even tho the promise is not here yet? Over and over in the book of Joshua, and even before God says "Do not fear. Be of good courage!" What will I do? What will you do? Caleb got his mountain because he kept believing the promise...even tho he was old and even tho it was 45 years later!