Sunday, September 24, 2006

What kind of God do you have?

I'll tell you what kind of god I have! I have the kind of God that surprises you - that does things differently than you expected - that does things considering the lasting value of the act - that does things with eternity in view - that does things knowing the whole picture even behind the scenes of what others actually see - that knows all the hearts of men, all the 6 billion alive today and all those already dead - that plans for the future and has planned since before the earth existed - whose mercy is so great that He would have even forgiven Judas if only Judas had asked - whose mercy is so deep , beyond anything we have experienced from any human - who applies the fruits of the Spirit in a perfect way in all situations - whose thoughts are far beyond our imagination - whose creativity is much more interesting than the best painting in any gallery or more interesting than the best novel you have ever read, and yet.......
He was Bruised
He was Wounded
He was Whipped
He was Stabbed
He was Despised
He was Rejected
He was Smitten
He was Oppressed
He was Afflicted
He knew Sorrow
He knew Grief
He knew Agony
He bore ALL our Sin

And then He died , but...
then He Rose from death and conquered it! Why?
- for the Joy that lay before Him, the excitement , the anticipation , the sheer ecstasy of living eternally in His Home with YOU!!!

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