Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Poem: The Rend

The rend was made upon the cloth
Ruined, they said, by a tiny moth
Who ate his way between the thread
Not knowing it would bring me dread

I went to take it off its hook
And after I took one swift look
Behold the rend in my dear dress
It brought a tear, I must confess.

And now what shall be done with this
Once perfect dress, but now amiss
It can't be worn, it can't be shown
Since from the heavens, a moth has flown.

I'll cut it up, I'll shape it new
I'll tint it to a royal blue
My favorite color that once was
A cheery plan, Great good me does.

In this same way, I'll try to live
To take the rends life does me give
And look at them a different way
In faith to shape a bright new Day!

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