Monday, July 14, 2008

Are You my Mother?

I'm searching for my Mother
And I'm hoping you can help
I'm feeling kind of desparate
I just may start to yelp!

There's people all around me
Giving clues, giving advice
And I've got to have an answer
One that's true, not full of vice.

Could she be goddess Diana?
Could she be the mother Earth?
Do you think it's Mother Mary
Queen of heaven, who gave me birth?

By the way, I'm also desparate
To know who is my Dad
Father Paul or Father Peter
Molech, Baal or Sinnabad?

Such a world full of variety
Instant this and instant that
Brings to us too many choices
Father, Mother, where are you at?

Who is my Mom, Who is my Dad
What god or goddess shall I name
Looking everywhere for answers
I'm at fault, I am to blame

For, right there upon my cabinet
Lies the Book that holds the key
It's the Book that has the answer
It's the Book that sets me Free

God Almighty is my Father
Jesus Christ my Lord and King
Creator, Author, Holy Spirit
He's the One, He's Everything

As for Mom, her name is Sarah
She's my Mother, gave me birth
She's a human, flesh and blood
Living on the planet Earth!!

---this was written after reading a book by Erwin Lutzer on the New age. I realized how the devil is trying to use any trick, any ploy, to keep you from the one and only name by which man must be saved : JESUS !!