Friday, December 04, 2009

Cutting Down the Beauty

I was thinking today of the various forests that have been cut down in the world. Some say they have cut them down for industrial make money, give jobs to people and to make way for economical growth. In the Amazon much of the beauty has been cut away.
We, as individuals, can also CUT down beauty. We can cut it down in our marriages, when we argue with one another and don't deal with our issues in love. We can cut down beauty in other relationships with our friends and relatives. We can have such big disagreements that they are never mended, because we are so stubborn.
Its very important to take care of our earth, but let's value people..even those we don't know so well. Let's build beauty around us by using encouraging words, by apologizing when we hurt others, and by valuing people the way Jesus would.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

God IS !!!

God IS !! God IS what? God IS alot of things in scripture. Let's find some of
First off, we will remember that Jesus is God, so , whenever it says Jesus IS or God IS, the scripture is talking about ONE and the same!
I John 4:8 God IS love
I John 3:7 God IS righteous
I John 3:3 God IS pure
John 14:6 Jesus IS the Way
Jesus Is the Truth
Jesus IS the Life
Revelation 1:8 Jesus IS the Alpha
Jesus IS the Omega
Jesus IS the Almighty
Revelation 1:17 Jesus IS the First
Jesus IS the Last
Jesus IS the Living One
Jesus IS the Resurrection
John 6:48 Jesus IS the Bread of Life
I John 1:5 God IS Light
John 4:24 God IS Spirit
John 11:25 Jesus IS the Resurrection
Jesus IS the Life
John 11: 26 has a good question..."Do YOU believe this?"
You see...God IS the total totality of these things, not just half or three quarter, but 100% of each of these, plus many more attributes than those listed.
God IS !! He IS the totality of the verb "IS" and He IS the totality of these nouns. THAT boggles my mind and stirs m heart to say "Praise the Lord ! Thankyou Jesus!!!"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's YOUR price?

For how much will you sell the Savior?? What is your price? If you already know Him, is there something someone can offer you so that you would sell the Savior like Judas did? Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of lentil stew! Now, I have a great recipe for Lentil Stew, that I just really love..but would I give up all my rights in a family and my rights to inherit from my parents, for a bowl of lentil stew? Now, that's just food. How about your soul. For how much would you sell your soul? For quick momentary pleasure that lasts a night. Would you sell the Savior or your soul to keep a friend you just can't give up? Would you sell your soul for money or for prestige...even prestige in a church. Would you sell it for glory or power? Would you sell it to gain the honor of others so that YOUR name is up in lights and so YOUR name is revered and talked about? I am talking mostly to Christians right now!! You see, the LORD is not going to allow His place to be precidented by any other. People TRY to be great, but they are nothing. I am nothing without Jesus. You are nothing without Jesus. And if you are a pastor or pastor's wife, still, you are nothing without Jesus. And yet, with Him , He is everything in us, and we are mighty through Him! So, why don't we honor Him more and let Him be Lord of ALL! You can gain the whole world, but lose your own soul.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Susan's Testimony

My favorite comic strip has always been "Peanuts" and my favorite character while growing up was Peppermint Patty. Why? Because she would say, " My daddy always calls me his Special Gem"! Well, my own father never called me his special gem . He never called me his favorite anything. My father left our home when I was 6 years old. as I grew into teenage-hood, I longed for a Daddy figure. I repented of my sin at age 15. Mom taught me to pray, simply by her lifestyle of daily prayer.I would time myself for 30 minutes to make sure how long I prayed. Sometimes I would just cry out to the Lord and ask Him to come into my room and just hold me. I longed so badly to sit on His lap and have His arms around me like a Daddy. When I learned about the Baptism of the Spirit, my prayers to receive this got more intense, but nothing happened. I would be loud or quiet, wait on the Lord in silence, kneel, arms upraised, arms down, but nothing happened. There was no Pentecostal church or meeting or anything, in my home town in Canada at that time.I had read about the Baptism of the Spirit, in a biography, and heard about it from Jimmy Swaggert on T.V.. Finally, I laid it all in God's hands, and continued with life, Bible School, missions, choir tours, and singing in various churches. At age 24, I came home from Germany, having been there with the Janz Team. My girlfriend told me she had received the Baptism of the Spirit, and would I please come with her to a meeting in a room above the ice skating rink. That's where I received the Baptism of the Spirit and spoke in tongues. Since my start following Jesus, at age 15, I have come to know that...He is Faithful, He will never leave me, nor forsake me...and...that He is my Daddy and I am HIS SPECIAL GEM!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


There is a spirit of unbelief in our world today. People don't believe in God like they used to. People don't believe in a creator, or in God sending His Son to die on a cross for our sins. We think of sin in the form of murder or rape or robbery or maybe we don't believe in "SIN". Sin is the wrong we do against mankind and God. Unbelief is sin. How can we believe in the truth of the Bible? Or in God? We must ask the Lord to take away the blindness of our heart that keeps us from believing. We must "Seek the Lord while He may be found and Call upon Him while He may be near". If you harden your heart against God, you will never believe. Faith is a Gift. Faith is given by God. You may be so far from Him that you call yourself an atheist. Are you happy? Deep down inside where no one can see? Only faith in God, who came to earth as Jesus Christ, can fill that empty part of yourself. Ask the Lord Jesus Christ to prove Himself to you, that He is REAL! Ask Him! He will do it! That is your BEGINNING of Faith!