Monday, November 29, 2010

The Rare Thing

They came from far
They came from near
to bow at Nebuchadnezzar feet

They said they're wise
They've no disguise
They're pure, Authentic, knowing all

Just tell us King
What is that thing
You. dreaming, dreamed a dreamy dream

Ha, now I know
The King bellowed
You're all a farce, a lie, deceit

You've come to stand
Make a demand
And tell me anything at all

Oh, wait cried one
There's Daniel-Son
He knows a God who knows the truth

Bring him now
Or I shall all these men destroy

And so they brought
Whom God had taught
In all books, visions, and wisdom

This Daniel told
And made unfold
The King's whole dream and what it meant

And so it was
Revealed because
Only the God of heaven knows all

He is the One
Who's gone and done
What no one else could ever do

What others can't
He surely can
He is the God of the Rare Thing

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