Thursday, December 02, 2010

God is a Curiousity

Strange word...curiousity. I have always been curious to find out things...but God is a curiousity! Notice how John says" As the living Father sent me". LIVING ! Why would he refer to the Father as LIVING? Remember that every word of scripture has importance.
Jesus said," I am..the Life" John 14. Jesus is LIFE, the LIFE. He said " I am come to bring you abundant LIFE" So He has come to bring us Himself - the LIFE! Yet, He said "the Living Father". Well, it's because Jesus is the Father! What? That's blasphemy! How dare I say that? Look at Isaiah 9:6. It says that the child is "the Father".
Back to LIVING..Jesus said " I am the firstborn from the dead". He is LIVING. How can He say that when Lazarus was raised from the dead before Jesus was ? Jesus said " before Abraham was , I AM ". He said He is the "I AM". Also it says He was slain before the foundation of the world.
Then Jesus said ,"whoever feeds on me will live forever". John 6
You and I can live forever! Feeding and drinking Jesus would mean the He lives inside us, because we have taken Him inside us, or allowed Him inside us, in our spirit.
He is the Bread of Life and the Water of Life.
He is LIFE. He is the Living Father. This Life can live in us by His Spirit.
God is a Great mystery and definitely a Curiousity!

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beth mckenna neufeld said...

Hi Susan. I went to school with you - W.C. Miller Collegiate. Beth McKenna, now Beth Neufeld. I hope you are doing well.