Thursday, December 02, 2010

My Typical day

How many times have women asked me to write about my typical day!. so, today I looked over a few typical day things I had written over the years, and realized that some of the things would now be an embarrassment to my children. My old lists were very full, and some of them only went to 2pm...laundry already hung up, cinnamon rolls already in the oven and homeschool done for the day, with the kids now having their nap! Some of my married years, I did not have a car until my husband would get home from work. I always then, wished for a car...if only I had a car! During the last many years I have had a vehicle, but now that has added to the list of my typical day. Football practise, football games, sewing projects needing items, things broken that need to be returned, Awana, youth group, picking up items for my husband's business which often makes for a long drive. The Lord has been so good to us in all our typical days. Sometimes we wonder how we did all we did, plus keeping up with prayer time and Bible reading and church. Keeping up with our spiritual walk with Jesus has been # 1 on our list. But its not just an item on the list..its part of our life style which flows into the rest of our day, affecting how we act, what we teach in homeschool, where we shop, where we go to church. Sometimes our typical day invlves asking forgiveness of others and of God. We as humans make lots of mistakes and sin, so that must be cleared up so bitterness does not set in and so you can have an effective christian walk with Jesus. Right now my typical day in 2010, involves...picking up items for our remodeling job (major addition ), homeschooling, making lunches for the workers, running errands for Jon (his car was finally fixed today)buying more and more epsom salts for Craig to soak his big cut on his leg)and now a determination to finish typing all my posts to this blog!! Soon the kids and I will start recording hymns..after Kurt helps me buy a microphone. We should add baking to our list because its December..oh and do Christmas cards!! How is your day going? Tell me what you do!

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