Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Recently, a new friend was sharing some funny memories with me about her childhood. I had told her that we really would like to move to a farmette someday, so she said, "Let me tell you about farm life!". She said, " One day all the cows got out and wandered off! Well, that's what happened when Dad forgot to fix the fence!" "And then there was the time the neighbour's bull got loose! He was so ornery, that it took 5 guys a whole week to catch him!" I said that we would like to have some goats. " You got to watch goats because they will wander off if there is no fence, " she said! It won't be sweet dreams only, if we get that farmette! Yet, my friend's stories reminded me about God. How, in the world would fences and animal stories remind someone about God? Well, God puts fences in our lives too. He has written commandments and instructions in the Bible, but we don't like them! We want to do our own thing...have our own way! We don't want anyone telling us what to do! The Bible says "All we, like sheep, have gone astray". We have all wandered off beyond the fence of God! But, there is no pleasure in that. Why? Because God makes fences so that we can be safe, secure and feel loved by our heavenly Father. He does it because He loves us! And then , because He loves us , He already has sent His Son to die so we can be free from our sins. So, here we are, the wanderers, and God has done everything to make us internally satisfied. He had the book written for us called, the Bible. He sent His Son to buy redemption for us. And He even sent His Spirit so that He can live in us. God's fences are not to inhibit us. When you submit to God's fences, done His way, it brings Joy unspeakable and Life Everlasting. Praise God for fences!

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