Wednesday, January 11, 2012

God is Good Psalm 145

Here in Psalm 145 , it says that God is Good; God is Great; God is Gracious ; God is Merciful ; God is slow to anger ; God is abounding in Steadfast Love ; The Lord is Faithful; The Lord is Good to all ; The Lord is Righteous; The Lord's Greatness is Unsearchable !!
God is All these things and matter what I feel today; no matter what atrocities people do to each other today; no matter what unkind things people do to me today; no matter if I am sick or if I am feeling well; no matter if tornadoes or hurricanes or earthguakes come and take away all I have; no matter if a loved one of mine, or a family member is taken away into eternity today; no matter even when there is famine and starvation in the world; no matter even when the antichrist comes to create havoc in the world ! God is always in control! God NEVER allows anything to happen except that He ALLOWS it or has deliberately caused it to happen. God cannot do evil. He has no evil in Him. He is not a ying-yang God. God IS totally and completely Good. God IS Good.
Help us Oh Lord to remember this Truth, today, and all our tomorrows.

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